How Wearable Technology Has Revolutionized Health Research

Thursday, June 9, 2016
9:45am - 11:00am

Aaron Coleman, Founder & CEO, Fitabase

Researchers have always looked for ways to monitor research participants in a timely and accurate way, particularly long-term. The use of wearable devices in research settings has opened up a whole new world for researchers to monitor the activity, heart rate, and other key health stats of clinical trial and academic research participants. In this session, Aaron Coleman, CEO and Founder of Fitabase, will walk you through wearables’ role in the evolution of the health research industry, and how wearable devices have provided game-changing insights and data for research trials of all kinds. 

As part of the session, you'll learn:
- How top research institutions are using wearable technology
- Highlights of case studies where wearable tech was used as part of a health intervention
- Best practices for health and wellness leaders as they look to test out new kinds of programs with wearable technology

 Aaron COleman

Aaron COleman