A Look Back on Fitbit Captivate 2016.

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[Captivate] has been a great think-tank. It’s been great to share the thought processes between other individuals. We all have a common theme here and that theme is how do we take wellness and make it an actionable item.
I think it’s an amazing opportunity to learn some innovative techniques and to really understand how Fitbit can be used as a successful comprehensive wellness initiative.
The best part about Captivate is that you get people from all different walks of life and from different types of industries—all aligned to make employee wellness more prominent today.
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Captivate is a lot of fun. I’ve already told all of my coworkers that we should probably do this every year. It was a blast.
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We designed Captivate to be a place where innovative HR leaders can come together to explore how wearables and other digital technologies can really help create the employee wellness programs of the future.
— Woody Scal, Chief Business Officer, Fitbit