Meet Them Where They Are: How Emory Got Their Employees to Move More
10:05am - 10:55am

Michael Staufacker, Director of Health Management, Emory University

Emory launched its strategic Healthy Emory initiative in 2013 with a new brand and new focus areas. Key to those, which included nutrition and stress management, was physical activity. And in 2014, Emory’s wellness team launched their Move More Challenge pilot to 3,000 employees at five locations. The resounding success of the pilot led to an enterprise-wide implementation to all 29,000 employees in 2015–and again in 2016.

Join the discussion and learn how:

- A comprehensive initiative is planned, implemented, and evaluated
- A variety of communications & employee support strategies can meet the needs of a diverse population
- Measurement and evaluation are used for subsequent program implementation